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I recently completed the Phlebotomy/EKG program March 2021. Zeal tech is very professional and informative from the first phone call, to the admission process to the actual classes itself. I couldn’t have joined a better school! I would especially like to give recognition to my instructors Ms. Nadia. She went above and beyond not only for myself but also for a handful of students who wanted and/or needed the help. She will literally stay after class every day and help us study for exams, update our resumes and also prepped us with interview questions (and answers) ensuring that we were all ready and prepared for what’s to come next. If I could take both classes all over again, I would just to be in Ms Nadia classroom once again. Thanks to her I am now an employee with Lee Health only one week after finishing my programs.
Ashley Simmons, Google Review
Staff is friendly & professional. My teacher is great as well. Very informative, shows great examples & will continually test your knowledge of things to see if you got it. The hands on is awesome & it helps me retain what we’ve learned in the book more because I am a visual & a hands on type of person. I would recommend this school to others for sure.
Brittany Marie, Google Review

I completed the Phlebotomy program at SWVT, and it was the best decision of my life so far. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years, and im generally a very nervous person ,so school was a bit nerve wracking for me. But my class was a lot of fun, my classmates were amazing people and we all really helped each other. Mr.John is a great teacher and a funny guy,with a sense of humor that i enjoyed. He will absolutely make sure you pass, he got me through it even when I wasn’t feeling too confident in myself, and I can never thank him enough.

Alanna Richter, Google Review

Great place to go to learn. The teacher is very knowledgeable and kind. Please please! If the school invited you to a job fair go and sell yourself and be very professional…..there will better chances to get a job sooner. And apply, apply, apply make and make sure to have a resume on the day of the job fair. I have a job in less than a month after I graduated. Thanks mr John for everything.

Leidy Jaramillo, Google Review
I chose the Phlebotomy Technician course and am SO glad I chose this facility for my education. I did it during the COVID-19 situation, so we had a hybrid online/in-person course and it was very simple and set up in a way that everything was easy to access. Clinicals with Mr. John were beyond helpful and he brought so much to the table in terms of tips and was very understanding to make sure everyone got the proper phlebotomy process down. The first day we practiced our skills in comparison to our final day was like night and day. I learned so much and cannot recommend this facility enough!
Kaela Moye, Google Review